About our Employee Benefit Services

At Employee Benefits Communications, our primary focus is on helping corporations of all sizes communicate the value of benefits as part of a total compensation package. We offer these employee benefit services through our modern software and production tools. This lets us build simple to follow benefit statements that break down the total costs of benefits for both the employee and employer. By having this information readily available, you and your staff will be easily able to track the full compensation they are receiving for their work.

Developing Your Statements

When you choose our services to build a total compensation statement for your employees, we will start by gathering information about your benefits packages. This includes collecting financial data on your company’s health plan, retirement packages, and any other paid perks. After we have this information, our team will compile the data into a database and begin designing the printed and online layout for your statements.

During the design stage, we will work closely with your company to ensure you are satisfied with the layout and the information being provided. Once we have a design that you are happy with, we will gather information about your employees’ compensation and create individualized reports for each of them. We will then send you the finalized statements for your approval before we post them for your employees to access. We can also print our physical copies of the benefit statements if you would rather have that option.

A Direct Focus

At our company, we always strive to deliver the best service for our clients. We have intentionally avoided venturing into other services so that we can provide the best Personalized Benefit Communication™ possible. This lets us provide your company with a cost-efficient solution for detailing employee perks and benefits.

Additionally, when you work with us, you will work directly with our experienced professionals. We treat your company with the care and diligence you expect. This means that our success is completely dependent on how well we serve your company’s needs. Overall, we want to ensure that your employees have access to the information they need to fully understand their benefit and compensation packages.

Contact us to learn more about our compensation statements. We proudly serve businesses throughout the United States.

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